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Interview med Magnus Ringberg Inspire Convention 2015

Inspire Convention 2015, Magnus Ringberg

Magnus (SE) er yogalærer med baggund som fysioterapeut. Som international underviser er han kendt for sin legende, nysgerrige tilgang til kroppen og alt det fantastiske den kan, hvis vi lærer den at kende og giver den plads. Hans slogan siger det hele: “your body is not a temple, it’s an amusementpark”!

 What is yoga all about?

For me yoga is about creating and feeling the space you have within your body. It´s about connecting the body parts and dig in deeper for more body awareness. It´s about a practice that works with possibilities and an attitude of positive gratitude.

Please tell about your path towards practising yoga. How did you discover yoga / how did yoga enter your life?

Back in 1999, a friend of mine encouraged me to try out ashtanga vinyasa yoga. It was a wide eye opener. Since then I´ve been practicing different styles and methods. Surfing around.

What kind of yoga do you teach, and how come you ended up with this?

I teach vinyasa yoga. For me breath and movement connects as one. Everything is linked together and will interact. I create mini sequences that forms a foundation and from there a progression is arising. This makes your movements very organic.

You teach at Inspire Convention 2015. What to expect if joining your class?

Joy of movement. No time for waiting.

How does practising yoga affect your life off the mat? What changes have you noticed?

When you start to embrace body awareness there is a link to your daily life. For me there is no perfect place or state of balance within the life. Everything is changing constantly, so the work is also to choose happiness and positive thoughts no matter what. I don´t know if that´s yoga, for me it´s having the best moment as possible when you experience life.